The 4 Must Have Free Apps For Chrome Browser

Google’s Chrome browser comes with the amazing ability to extend its functionality using applications called “extensions”. Those extensions can make your browsing experience a lot better and cooler when surfing the web.

The Chrome Web Store is packed with extensions, we’ve taken the time to go over them and pick the best ones we think are a must for everyone.

Our research narrowed the list of “must have” for 2017 to just  4 , go ahead and install them, it only takes 1 click per App.



Store rating :

StartJoy is an amazing new comer that just gives you in one place everything you came for everytime you go online.

It lets you change the wallpaper in one click from an incredible library or from your family album enjoy a beautiful background. My personal favorite feature is the embedded Music Player in which I listen to radio or watch my favorite YouTube music video clips from leading playlists, it also lets me create my own playlist.

You can also check out all the latest movies and TV shows from the Media slider, including story, trailer link, rating and many more options.

It has a built in Bookmarks manager enables adding your favorite websites easily. You can Drag & drop your shortcuts like you do in your Smartphone.

Startjoy also enables you to update your To-do list instantly.

Check out all social networks from the Social Networks Slider.

StartJoy also offers unique search capabilities. You can Easily Search directly for friends or celebrities in all of the popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter from your new tab or search media websites like IMDB or the TVGuide from within the extension by pressing “s” from the omnibox or by using the newtab Media search.

This new comer is a keeper and I’m betting we’ll be hearing more about it in upcoming years. Get it in Chrome Store (Free install)

Click here to add StartJoy to Chrome



Store rating : 5-5

Lastpass is s popular password manager because it’s free and easy to set up. With it, you’ll never have to remember a password again, and all your passwords will be synced up across your various devices. The nice thing is that you can do all kinds of cool things with Lastpass, so you’ll never get bored of it. It should be noted that LastPass was breached by hackers last year, but no encrypted user data was stolen and we still recommend it. Get it in Chrome Store (Free install)

Click here to add LastPass to Chrome



Store rating : 4-5

AdBlock. The leading ad blocker with over 200 million downloads. Blocks ads YouTube, Facebook and ads everywhere else on the web. Like any ad blocker it can potentially slow your system down but will allow you to read articles and see video without seeing any ads. Get it in Chrome Store (Free install)

Click here to add AdBlock to Chrome


Gmail Offline

Store rating : 4-5

Well this one is a must have only if you have a Gmail account . Gmail’s a good web service, but it only works when you’re connected to the internet. Gmail Offline allows you to continue using Gmail even when you don’t have an internet connection. Once you’ll be back online, the new emails you composed will be sent off like in a desktop app such as outlook. Get it in Chrome Store (Free install)

Click here to add Gmail Offline to Chrome


In summary our 2017 Must Have 4 Chrome extensions :

#1 StartJoy New Tab Extension. Get it in Chrome Store (Free install)

#2 Lastpass Password Manager Get it in Chrome Store (Free install)

#3 AdBlock advertising blocker Get it in Chrome Store (Free install)

#4 Gmail Offline  Get it in Chrome Store (Free install)