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When I open Google Chrome or Firefox, I would most likely look to go and do one of the following- search for something, watch videos, go to social media , read the latest news on my favorite topics , check your emails or calendar, look for directions etc. So when I first found out about extension promising to improve not one but all of those experiences I was kind of skeptical to say the least.

After a quick installation from the official chrome store (To download from the App website go to I saw a new tab that seems nice and designed but almost empty and almost gave up thinking it’s nothing special. What I saw after I started playing with the settings and button was no less than a revelation – it was syncing and showing me in my new tab page everything I could ask for- my emails, calendar , YouTube playlists, my twitter account (R.S: shockingly it’s much nicer reading Twitter from the PC compared to mobile) news by category from top news websites , my bookmarks in a convenient searchable way; it has games, media reviews, directions , utilities and much more.

Tabitab.Com does still miss Instagram and Facebook synch but altogether it is still pretty incredible that everything can be so accessible and faster.

I was so overwhelmed that I started looking for the catch, how didn’t I hear about it earlier and why is all of that for free? So turns out almost everyone heard about it and the reviews are incredible(I gathered some of them below)…
This critics favorite is actually still free only because it’s still a work in progress being improved by the developers so it’s a huge opportunity to install it now while the free version is still out there(they can’t charge you retroactively). They just launched a new version- I shared it with my friends and highly recommend it.

To download from the Google Chrome store
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To download from the App website go to
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Here are just a few of the reviews i was able to find

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To summarize , I highly recommend installing this extension as soon as possible. Tabiatb has officially entered my “must-have” extensions short least together with lasstpass, itunes, gmail, grammerly and google hangouts