10 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Bieber

Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is here to stay because the Belibers aren’t letting him go anywhere! He scared us earlier this month when he deleted his Instagram account, but he recently reactivated it and now we can see into Justin’s personal life, like all his fans want to! As popular as Bieber has become, there are still things his fans don’t know about him and we came up with ten things you may not know about Justin Bieber, so check them out below!

Justin Bieber -

10 – His Favorite Drink

Justin Bieber may be legal now, but he has to remember his roots, right? His favorite drink will always be an Iced Cappuccino from Tim Horton’s. He is Canadian, so it makes sense, eh!

9 – He Loves The Mall

Despite all the fame and he could pay people to shop for him, Justin still loves going to the mall! Shockingly, he hits up a mall in every city while on tour. He has the money to spend, so why not?

8 – Self-Taught Musician

Bieber can play four instruments: trumpet, guitar, piano and drums. In case you didn’t know, he happened to teach himself how to play all four instruments on his own!

7 – His Favorite Candy

Justin Bieber goes back to his roots for his favorite candy also, as it would be “Big Foot” candy. Not sure what it is? It is the Canadian version of Jolly Ranchers.

6 – Drums Are His #1 Love

Before he learned to sing or before he learned to play any of his other instruments, Justin learned to play the drums. They are his first true love and if you attend one of his concerts, then you know they are because he works a drum solo into every show!

5 – Tour Bus or Bust!

While it would be easier to just fly from city to city while he is on tour, Bieber prefers his tour bus to planes. You can’t blame him though, as the tour bus features a queen size bed and six bunks!

4 – Toothbrush Issues

It looks like Justin Bieber is forgetful, even at his young age. He seems to forget his toothbrush at every stop and has to pick up a new on in each city!

3 – He Is Claustrophobic

The love of a tour bus might shock you even more now, especially since Justin is claustrophobic! I guess it would be better than being inside a plane and feeling trapped!

2 – He Loves The Ocean

We have all seen the photos of his naked booty, but it was taken on the ocean if you looked past the booty! Justin loves the ocean and loves jet skiing.

1 – His Celebrity Crush

Even celebrities have celebrity crushes! Whose is Justin Bieber’s??? That would be none other than Beyonce, so watch out Jay Z!!!