Surprise! Did You Know These Celebrities Own A Sports Team?

We don’t know if you knew this or not, but there are quite a few celebrities out there that actually have ownership rights in professional sports teams. Yes, we said professional! While most celebrities like to go check out a basketball or football game here and there, these celebrities below took it to the next level with their fandom!

Celebrities That Own Sports Teams
Source: Ranker

When you have money, you want to spend it, right? That is what these seven celebrities did, as they have an ownership in teams from the NFL, NBA and more!

1 – Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was a star in the NBA, as he won many championship rings during his time with the Chicago Bulls. He now focuses his time on the NBA team he owns, the Charlotte Hornets. He bought a small share in the team back in 2006 and bought an even bigger share in 2010.

2 – Magic Johnson

Another former NBA star here, as Magic Johnson shined with the Los Angeles Lakers during his career, also winning many championship rings. However, he switched his focus from basketball to baseball after retirement, as he bought a small ownership in the Los Angeles Dodgers in the MLB back in 2012.

3 – Justin Timberlake

He is from Memphis, so it only seems right that Timberlake was part of the ownership group that took over the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA back in 2012.

4 – Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

He was born and raised in Philadelphia, so it only seems right that Will Smith owns a percentage of the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA, right? Him and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, invested back in 2011.

5 – Usher

LeBron James has made Usher a little bit richer and we don’t think any of us knew it! Back in 2005, Dan Gilbert lead a team of investors in purchasing the Cleveland Cavaliers for $375 million. Usher was part of that group and remains a minority owner today.

6 – Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Did you forget these two were even married? It happens, especially when Lopez is not dating Alex Rodriguez from the New York Yankees. When they were married, they bought a take in the ownership of the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. When they divorced, Lopez turned over her share, but Anthony still is an owner.

7 – Bill Maher

It looks like HBO is paying him well, as Bill Maher became a minority owner of the New York Mets back in 2012. The majority owner is Fred Wilpon. The Mets can be hard to watch, but even harder when you own the team!

Did you know any of these celebrities owned a sports team?