5 Things We Learn About Lady Gaga In ‘Five Foot Two’ Documentary

Round up the Little Monsters, as Netflix has released the Lady Gaga documentary titled Five Foot Two. Lady Gaga is holding nothing back in this documentary, as her biggest fans are still going to learn a thing or two from this film. Netflix is gaining more and more popularity and this documentary can only help. So, what did we learn about Lady Gaga in her new documentary? Read below for the details!


For Five Foot Two, it was directed by Chris Moukarbel and it was shot over a period of time, which was when she was making her fifth studio album, Joanne.

1 – She has fibromyalgia

Three years ago, Lady Gaga broke her hip. Ever since, she has been dealing with pain in her hips, which that pain can only be added onto her already painful body from the fibromyalgia. Throughout the documentary, you can see how painful this is for Gaga. She has to stop rehearsing for the Super Bowl to scream into a pillow. She has to stop to ice her hip and ankle during a video shoot. She also admits that she drank and did drugs to cover the pain for a while.

2 – She was at doctor’s office when Joanne leaked online

Like a lot of things nowadays, Joanne leaked online before it actually became available for purchase. It turns out a store in Belgium decided to sell the album early. So, while Lady Gaga is at the doctor’s office telling them all about her pain and they are coming up with a plan of attack, her album is leaking all over the internet.

3 – The break-up with Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga was engaged to be married to actor Taylor Kinney from Chicago Fire. The documentary starts with her talking about him and how they are currently fighting. She admits to not having a threshold for men’s bullshit anymore, as she is 30 now and more secure in who she is. Later in the film, we see her breakdown, as her breakups happen when something good happens in her life. She does not have a threshold, but it appears that Kinney ended things.

4 – The beef with Madonna

It appears that Madonna is not a fan of Lady Gaga, but she has no clue why. In the documentary, Gaga talks about Madonna and finding out that Madonna had issues with her through television. Madonna has not talked to Gaga about this so-called beef and won’t even look her in the eyes to explain. Gaga said she still admires Madonna.

5 – No more crazy costumes?

In the documentary Five Foot Two, Lady Gaga talks about not having the confidence in herself when she first made it big. She never thought she was pretty enough or a good enough singer to make it, hence why she hid behind the crazy costumes. That confidence has made it into her life, which is why she got rid of the crazy costumes for her Super Bowl performance and Joanne tour. In the documentary, she says, “I can see now, I don’t need to have a million wigs on and all that shit to make a statement.”

Have you watch the Five Foot Two documentary on Netflix yet?