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This 10 Dumb Tweets Will Make You Laugh

People spend hours a day on Twitter. That’s not always a good idea. Or is it?
We collected 10 of the dumbest tweets that were just great, we just couldn’t stop laughing while reading them and wanted to share with you. Enjoy:

#1 Would you rather being dead or… dead?

#2 Start dialing: 9 – 1 – 1 , but don’t forget to hit to “send” button..

#3 Some people needs a reminder. Reminder : A daughter is a girl, A son is a boy.

#4 Who do you think would the police are more likely to arrest when they get there?

#5 That “Shame” scene in Game of Thrones would really look different if this was the show’s writer:

#6 Modern families are complicated.

#6 Did we have elections once a year and no one told me?

#7 This guy should have around 8 billion retweets by now.

#8 Nature is weird. We have to talk to someone about this next one.

#10 Thank god the Black Friday sales don’t give out things for free.