Game of Thrones season 8 – Summary of what we know

Is it possible that we mistakenly got a spoiler for the final season of the Games of Thrones? less than a year prior to the rise of the eighth season, actress Maisie Williams (Aryeh Starck) released an intriguing farewell post from the series at Instagram – and hit the fans. Alongside a photograph of white, blood-stained tennis shoes, Williams created the Last Woman standing. Is that for real?
Along with the possibility that the fans just went crazy altogether again over nothing, and the actress was just the last to photograph her scenes and alone on a specific set, there is also a possibility that there is an actual spoiler here. Could it be that Aryeh is indeed the last surviving figure in the GOT? Will she be the one to finally win the throne? Did viewers just get another juicy theory to stick their teeth into to strengthen the already unprecedented hype around the series? Meanwhile, the actress has not responded to the storm she created, but we promise to update on every development.


That story joins the tattoo done by Sophie Turner, who plays the character of Aryeh’s sister, Sansa, causing a similar incident. In June, a picture of the new tattoo appeared on the net – the Starck logo with the caption “The band survives”. Fans of course immediately thought it was a spoiler, but she quickly relieved fears about James Korden’s plan. “When the snow comes down and the winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the band survives,” she said. “It’s just a quote from the previous season,” Turner said. “Everyone concluded that the band was indeed surviving, but it just said that I like to live by it.”
The seventh season ended a little over a year ago – John and Dainriz realized their love, the zombies flow into Westrose and we went into a long coma (our viewers winter has really come..) until the eighth and final season of the Games of Thrones, which will reach us only during April 2019. Here’s what we know about the next season.
It will be shorter than previous seasons
HBO television network have confirmed that the eighth season of “Games of Thrones” will consist of only six episodes. In light of the fact that the story is going to end without the back (thick) of the original books – this season will be based on the two chapters not yet published in George R. Martin’s “Song of Fire and Ice”, “Winter Winds” and “Dream of Spring” .


Season 8 will rise in April 2019
There were rumors about the date of the eighth season and HBO already confirmed that the series would only come next year – actress Maisie Williams (Aryeh Stark) said the series would be broadcast in April 2019. In an interview with English newspaper Metro, Williams said: “The filming will end in December We have to do our best in the final season, it’s something we owe to our fans and fans, “.
Williams’s remarks are consistent with the fact that all the previous seasons were always broadcast in April or the end of March, except for the seventh season, which lasted longer and had a longer break in the middle of it. In addition, it is certain that the record ratings of the seventh season, which stemmed from long waiting time for the season that increased the appetite of viewers, did not disappear from the captains of the series, so they have no real reason to rush it.


This is definitely the last season
Season 8 will be the final season of “Games of Thrones”, though after it’s over, we’ll see the series of spin-offs that the series’ s creators are planning. The latest news is that HBO has already chosen two of the sequels developed, and even ordered a pilot. The new shows will take place thousands of years before the events in the original series, and George R Martin has already made it clear that the main characters in the original series will not continue.

Season 8 episodes will be longer than before
At the end of the season we got a taste of what might happen in Gmae Of Throne season 8 episode 1 and probably in episode 6 as well – an especially long 80 minutes episode. Some of the production people noted over the past few months that it is likely that all of the six episodes for the Game Of Thrones 8th season will be full-length, which will improve our experience on such a short season.
Meanwhile: HBO releases a series that gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the seventh season. The first chapter is already in the air: