6 Things Kylie Jenner Can Celebrate Now That She’s Reached 21

Kylie Jenner Can Celebrate a little bit more than the average girl when it comes to what she has managed to achieve at 21.
We thought we should emphasize 6 of those achievements. No Chance you’ll disagree on the number 1 choice


Four Homes & Seven Luxurious Rides

Jenner has three homes in Hidden Hills- a 7,000 square-foot, six bedroom, seven bath mansion – located in the same neighborhood as Kylie’s mother, Kris Jenner.Later on she purchased the home next door, a 5,000 square-foot, four bedroom, four bath mansion( her personal office) .Just a month after buying her last house, Jenner bought yet another Hidden Hills home, her largest yet. The 13,000 square-foot, eight bedroom, 11 bath mega-mansion set her back a cool $12 million.
Jenner fills some of her garage space with eight luxury cars: a Range Rover and 4(!!) Ferrari’s

just for the summer ?

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The crazy $$ she’s making
Maybe that’s the reason she can afford those homes.. Her make-up empire is worth $ 900 million and is on its way to becoming the first billionaire in the family to leave dust for polishes worth only $ 350 million.

The blossoming relationship
While they had barely been together for a year when Kylie got pregnant, her relationship with Travis Scott seemed healthy and functional, especially when compared to some of her sisters’ history with boyfriends.


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Her (real) true love
Although she and Travis seem like they are in a good relationship, her BFF Jordan Woods, who also lives with Kylie, is the most consistent and stable couple in her life. If these two separate, there is really cause for concern.

Natural beauty
Though the fillings in the lips had already came back, Kiley’s old face had come to an instant, and we were glad she had a reminder that she was stunning in every situation to begin with.


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The next generation
The world was in a complete shock when Kiley learned that she was pregnant at such a young age, but then we got Sweet Stormy and Kylie in a soft, loving, maternal version.

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No wonder she feels like a queen…


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